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Trade your Aidify for Virtual Assistance that consistently delivers.

Top-tier Aidify services provided by a dedicated, US-based professional with a college degree.

We exclusively onboard college-educated virtual assistants residing in the United States. Our rigorous selection process ensures the highest quality. Interestingly, a significant portion of our new recruits are referred by assistants who have earned long-term customer appreciation.

Skills tailored to your requirements

Aidify Assistants are specialists in their respective domains, equipped with extensive experience in remote client work, enhancing your outsourcing endeavors. We pair you with the Aidify Assistant whose current skillset will have the most significant positive impact on your tasks.

Being a generalist isn’t always the best fit. Although all our Aidify Assistants are capable of managing general administrative tasks, each brings their unique professional background, preferences, and expertise. We carefully select the most suitable one for you. If your Aidify Assistant encounters a task beyond their expertise, they consult with a specialist, or the specialist takes over, and there is no additional cost to you.

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How We Work?

Extend your business globally with an offshore team, collaborating seamlessly online rather than within the confines of a traditional office.

Incorporated security and reliability

All our Aidify undergo thorough background checks, and we possess expertise in utilizing smart technology like LastPass for secure password sharing.

A contract-free, long-term solution

Our Aidify stay with us for years. We skillfully oversee their workload to ensure you benefit from consistent quality, availability, and responsiveness.

A single, transparent monthly charge

Your monthly fee covers everything, with no additional payroll taxes or benefits to worry about.

Swift response times on every business day

Your Aidify will provide a response within 2 hours, either with the completed task or an estimated delivery time if it's a substantial task.

What others say about us?

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As a small business owner, I was struggling to keep up with my daily tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant from Aidify has been a game-changer. They handle my scheduling, email management, and even social media with such professionalism. It's like they read my mind! Highly recommend their services for anyone looking to free up time and focus on growing their business.

    —  Ava J.
    — Ava J.

    Small Business Owner

    I always thought virtual assistants were a luxury I couldn't afford until I found Aidify. Their flexible plans and skilled assistants have not only made my work life more organized but also significantly improved my productivity. My assistant does excellent research and proofreading, allowing me to focus more on writing. Truly a valuable asset for any freelancer!

      —  Caleb L.
      — Caleb L.

      Freelance Writer

      Organizing events can be hectic, but with my virtual assistant from Aidify, it's a whole different story. From managing client communications to helping with vendor coordination, they do it all. Their attention to detail and quick turnaround times have made a huge difference in how I manage my events. Can't thank them enough!

        —  Sofia R.
        — Sofia R.

        Event Planner

        In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, having a reliable assistant is key. The team at Aidify provided me with an assistant who not only understands the digital space but is also proactive and innovative in managing campaigns and analytics. Their contribution has been instrumental in driving better results for my clients.

          —  James N.
          — James N.

          Digital Marketer

          Balancing research with my personal life was becoming overwhelming. That's when I decided to try Aidify's virtual assistant services. My assistant helps with literature reviews, data organization, and even manages my schedule. It's like having a personal research assistant, which has made my PhD journey much smoother.

            —  Maya P.
            — Maya P.

            PhD Student

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